Ian Fishman | Voice Over Actor


SourceConnect – Phone patch – Skype – ISDN via ipDTL

I record broadcast quality audio on an AKG C414 XLII microphone inside of my StudioBricks OnePlus voice-over booth. From there…

ART Pro MPA II Pre-amp
Scarlett 2i2 Interface
Twisted Wave Recording software
Mogami Cables

This is what my studio sounds like with no processing of any kind – a dry recording, if you will. My audio quality has been given the A-OK from both Edge Studio’s coaches and the World Voices Organization.

I’ll format your files as you prefer and send them to you for review via ftp, e-mail, or third-party cloud transfer. I am also happy to mail you hard copies if you wish.

What should I voice for you? Let’s work together!