Ian Fishman | Voice Over Actor


Age Range: 26-39. Young enough to eat fast food, old enough to give peer-to-peer advice, and right in the sweet spot for sleepless Dads.

They say the car changed the world — but as the automotive giants change with the world, they’ll need a Millennial voice to match.

Know why I sound like your typical, next-door, eco-friendly neighbor who’s been saving up to buy a hybrid… but might just blow it all impulsively on his first BMW, much to the chagrin of his wife? Because that’s ME! [Seriously, ask her. That’s us to a ‘T’]. I sound exactly like the practical-but-pleased new Dad who bought a Kia Sedona, a Honda Accord, a Nissan Juke or a Mitsubishi Mirage, because he wanted something for the family, but with a little extra “pep” for a night out — or bought himself a Vespa for solo trips around the city.

I am that voice, because I am that Millennial!

From my Twin Cities studio, my voice will drive [see what I did there? Yeah, you get it!] traffic right to the door of your dealership.

Check out my Automotive Voice Over Demo to hear how I could fit in your campaign, and feel free to request a quote or a free, custom audition today.