Testimonial 1 – Ali Mick

“We have never had to worry about anything when sending Ian our scripts. He is reliable, a great communicator, organized, detail-orientated, timely, and, not to mention, has a superb voice. He goes above and beyond expectations every time. We highly recommend Ian if you are looking for a life-long, skilled audio talent.”

  • Ali Mick
  • Project Coordinator
  • TLS eLearning

Testimonial 4 – Matt McIntosh

“Clients love Ian’s voice. It’s got a nice “millennial” feel that conveys intelligence and warmth, surely heightening audience engagement. He was flexible with pick ups (key!) and responded in a timely fashion. Always excited when clients want to go back to him. Makes life easy.”

  • Matt McIntosh
  • Creative Director
  • SkyCandle

Testimonial 3 – Caitlin Rogers

“With Ian, there are no wasted syllables, no throwaway lines – he nails both comedic and serious material with grace and skill that is unparalleled. He is also incredibly easy and fun to work with. You won’t be disappointed!”

  • Caitlin Rogers
  • Productions Director
  • Next Day Animations

Testimonial 2 – Andy Donovan

“My client loved him and he made it an easy process. Awesome, smooth, contemporary voice.”

  • Andy Donovan
  • President
  • DPost Productions