Voice Specs

Age Range: 26-39. An “Older Millennial” — young enough to sound like I still eat fast food, old enough to give peer-to-peer financial advce, and right in the sweet spot to voice sleepless Dads.

Why Hire Me?

There’s a ton of V/O talent out there.

Why should you work with me?

I’ve got plenty of features (and they’re all listed here), but so do plenty of others.

One of my favorite stats about me: 85% of my business is from repeat clients.

If you’re hiring me, I know you’re under a deadline — and you’re building a project involving anywhere from two to 200 other people. You and your client sifted through the (often) hundreds of auditions. The voice is a massive part of your final product… And you chose me!

I know exactly how lucky I am to be voicing for you. And so, when I’m hired, I’ll not only make your end-client look good, I’ll make you look good, too.

I’m punctual. I communicate. I’m personable. I listen. I know what I do (and don’t do) well, and I take live direction to fine-tune exactly what you need. Voicing is the highlight of my workday, and I want working with me to be the highlight of your day, too.

I truly love what I do. If you hire me, you’ve absolutely made my day, and I’m going to make sure you have exactly what you need to complete your project: high-quality, no-fuss audio as soon as possible, from someone who is always happy to work with you.

If you want a combo of low-stress, low-risk talent with high-quality audio and product, I just may be the right one to work with you.*

*If my voice isn’t the right fit, I know a lot of excellent talent worldwide who follow through on the same promises I do. I’m always glad to refer good people.

Great. What are your rates?

My standard rates can be found here. But the best way to determine final price is to reach out for a quote; auditions and estimates are always free. Let’s see where we meet!

Who is this guy, anyway?

I’m a voice-acting voice over man by trade, and a comic, actor and writer living in Minneapolis, MN. I was born in Worcester, MA and earned a BFA — Acting from Pace University.

I direct Late Nights Minneapolis, copy edit/contribute to the Hard Times and write jokes for 30Watt. I’m the occaisional host of “All Punks Considered with Ira Glasseater,” which debuted on KRSM Radio.

I’m a Burner who likes homebrewing, hockey, skiing, gardens and punk rock. Many children 7 and younger have mistaken me for David Cross. Check out why, and see some of my camera work (on and behind), at the Ian Fishman Fan Club.

My wife, Abs, and I share our home with our cats, Gigglepuss and Sassmouth.

Voice Tags

Commercial (TV, Radio, Web) — Promo — Characters & Animation — Narration — eLearning — Explainer — Audiobook

Warm, friendly, conversational, informative, everyman, nerdy, upbeat, articulate, confident, enthusiastic, encouraging, engaging, narrator, guy next door, goofy, silly, aggressive, professional, blue collar, off-beat, direct, clear, bright, youthful, intelligent, welcoming, knowledgeable, presentational, crisp, earnest, dry & wry.



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